Critical illness cover

Critical illness cover will pay out if you are diagnosed with a specified serious illness. Cancer, heart attack and stroke are the three main conditions, though there can be many more. With some policies there are over 50 named conditions. Each condition will have a specific explanation as to what will result in a paid claim, for example some less advanced cancers might not be covered as they aren’t deemed ‘critical’.

Critical illness cover is designed to provide financial support and remove money worries at a time
when the focus needs to be on your health. The money can cover everyday expenses but could
also be used for private treatment, adapting the home to meet medical needs and/or enabling
loved ones to take time out of work to care for you.
Do be aware that not every illness is covered by critical illness insurance, nor does it have any
relation on whether you are able to work or not – for that type of cover, please see income

Coverage differs considerably between insurance companies so when choosing cover, bear in
mind that the cheapest isn’t necessarily the best value. Your adviser will be able to help you find
the best cover for your circumstances.

Is critical illness cover for me?

You should consider critical illness cover if:

  • You have no other cover to provide you with financial support if you’re seriously ill, such as
    income protection.
  • You have a mortgage or other personal debts that you would still have to repay if you were
    seriously ill.
  • You have dependants who rely on your income, and/or unpaid work, such as caring duties and
    other responsibilities within the home.
  • You have dependent children and want financial support should they be seriously ill.

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